e Quicklely’s decision surprised coach Bill Self or John Calipari.

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e Quicklely’s decision surprised coach Bill Self or John Calipari.

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A pair of 5 star prospects had fun making their college decisions known over the weekend. It included good news for Kansas basketball.

Late Friday afternoon, a 5 star point guard announced he intended to play for someplace other than Kansas basketball. I don’t usually pay attention to these dramatic presentations. On the other hand https://www.kansasjayhawksshop.com/carlton-bragg-jr-jersey-c-9.html, I had a few moments and did tune in on social media to watch Immanuel Quickley’s announcement. The drama scheduled for 5 30p.m. CDT ended before I arrived. I ran the online video back to see what I missed.

As a matter of fact I didn’t miss much. The view https://www.kansasjayhawksshop.com/malik-newman-jersey-c-8.html, I assume from a camera phone was focused on a stage of several people seated including the 6 foot 3 inch prospect and his parents. Quickley stood, fumbled around the stage, unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his decision. He chose a school in the Southeastern Conference. I don’t believe Quicklely’s decision surprised coach Bill Self or John Calipari.

Jayhawks enjoyed Sunday’s announcement much more

For many reasons, Sunday’s 5 star player announcement by David McCormack came off much better. A Virginia television station let him reveal the good news to the world live Tyler Self Jersey on their evening sports report. I didn’t see it live but watched the replay. This 6 foot 9 inch beast looked confident in front of the camera on live television. There were several school ball caps on the desk in front of him. He apparently didn’t have a Kansas hat. It didn’t matter. When McCormack unbuttoned https://www.kansasjayhawksshop.com/clay-young-jersey-c-11.html his shirt he had a Jayhawk t shirt on.

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