French country garden style

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French country garden style

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effects, they aren't for every part of the country. All of these are plants that need lots of sunlight to thrive. Not only do you need to live in a part of the country that receives a lot of sunlight reliably through the year, you need to pick a spot in your yard that can actually receive sunlight through the day. With the exception of sunflowers, you can probably even
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apply most parts of French garden design ideas to growing out flowers and herbs in little pots on the balcony if you live in an apartment. All you need is some light and an appreciation for the wildness of the French country gardening philosophy. What that philosophy basically sums up to is this: there is to be no overly-planned geometrical order anywhere, a garden needs to be functional as well as pretty, and there has to be use made of every inch of space.
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