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The Distance Learning MBA in India available from the Professional Connect centers on knowledge and training crucial for management individuals who have plans to work for Indian as well as worldwide agencies. The program offers the participants a standard administrative point of view and brings them straight into the most up-to-date principles and practices connected to authentic aspects of management. The purposeful guide to the Indian and universal management practices with a well-built case-study reference point and on the web study or evaluation is a extraordinary feature of the Distance Learning MBA in India. Furthermore , the Master of business administration course is prepared in a much agile way to ensure performing employees can test this program without disturbing their duties.
Ofcourse, there is no entrance examination meant for registering into the course for Distance Learning MBA in India provided by Professional Connect. This Distance Learning MBA in India is wide-open to all those applicants who fulfill the qualifications parameters as given in the prospectus. Entrance to this unique program is direct.
The distance learning MBA in India may perhaps be experienced on a self-learning origin. You may perhaps have out self-study at your leisure time, and sit down for the exams plus complete the course. Professional Connect as well holds on-line assessment for the distance learning MBA in India. It are usually designed completely in a adaptive way to satisfy the criteria of the working executives. You could carry out the course at all the time and from anywhere.
The institute offers optional contact lessons meant for its Modules on distance learning MBA in India all over India. Having said that, independent training lessons are held for the full advantage of MBA students in their local regions. Applicants who may well like to attend these types of groundwork course have to give a small amount as prescribed.
The examinations of the distance learning MBA in India program contain three parts. The evaluation system are generally based on two parts.
" Continuous evaluation is carried out in the form of intermittent assignment. This particular piece gives the weightage of 40 per cent marks together with 25 per cent for objective kind as well as 15 per cent for essay kind questions.
" Concluding test with a weightage of 60 percent marks.
Mock-up question papers are not separately provided for the distance learning MBA in India program. Unfortunately , essential questions are presented at the conclusion of every chapter of appropriate subject study material. All distant education and learning programs of Professional Connect are self-governing and do not come under the purview of AICTE or UGC. In the changing economic situation, what concerns most is the acknowledgment by the companies. The distance learning MBA in India Program is greatly sought after and appreciated by blue-chip providers, as it is a uniquely designed program in Management, at length addressing all the sensible parts of management in big profundity. In the current market of buyers , these professionals will swank improved prospects in Indian companies and global organisations as well that are working in India. The distance edification institute as well gives BBA Degree program online recognized by the Government of India.
Professional Connect provides an installment selections to the individuals registering into the distance learning MBA in India program. The cost can be settled in desirable installments as designated in the payment plan affixed with the prospectus. You can pay the payment online as well.
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