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Stambouli Paris Saint-Germain Jersey

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Led grow lights well known that plants need light to nutritional intake Tracy Mcgrady Hawks Jersey , they want to use light energy to perform photosynthesis , growth and development in order to get the necessary nutrients. Therefore, photosynthesis is the key to the survival of the plant. LED grow lights are emitted by an LED light emitting element replace sunlight, specifically to promote plant photosynthesis , light to create a suitable environment for the growth and development of special lamps designed with a specific wavelength spectrum for plants.

Led grow lighting and the distance between plants irradiated how much is appropriate?
LED grow lights installed to science, in order to effectively improve the utilization of plant light lamps . To ensure the fill light intensity of plants, plant lights should be placed as far as possible directly above the plants , the plant according to the distance to be set by the size of the lamp power . General plant tissue culture plants distance between the lamp and the more recent , higher light utilization. LED Grow Light with fill light , the LED heat rarely Tim Hardaway Jr. Hawks Jersey , will not burn plants, can brachytherapy , the nearest distance can be 10 cm . Generally less than 8W power plant lights , irradiation distance of about 0.5 meters , power plants greater than 8W lamp , irradiation distance can be between 0.7-1 meters

LED grow lights features are there?

Plants need photosynthesis spectral wavelength typically within the range of 400 ~ 720nm . The 400 ~ 520nm blue light and 610 ~ 720nm red light for photosynthesis of plants contribute the maximum . LED grow light red blue wavelength is well within this range , you can give the plant to provide for the growth of the wavelength spectrum to promote plant growth. LED lights while the plant also has energy-saving ( high photoelectric conversion efficiency , power consumption is a fluorescent lamp 1 4 , sodium , 1 10 ) Taurean Prince Hawks Jersey , spectral tunability , good point light resistance, cold resistance ( low heat ) , good moisture resistance, small size, long life ( 50,000 hours ) and so on. Led grow light fill light technology will be the new trend and direction of IT development of agriculture ( agricultural science and technology ) and urban facilities agriculture.

Depending on the period of growth and the growth environment of plants , plants used to light up times vary . Light is not strong , but the sun can shine into the room astigmatism , fill light time should be less than five hours ; balcony less than 4 hours of light (the only light in the morning or afternoon half-day ) Spud Webb Hawks Jersey , the fill light time should be less than 4 hours ; shade and sunless room should be not less than 10 hours of fill light. LED plant lights light up the vegetation period of time is generally longer points, one point less dormant period . Cloudy, rainy , foggy day not less than 10 hours of fill light. Another point to note that due to multi- plant photosynthesis during the day , evening grown , so generally do not fill light at night .

Use LED plant lights How effective ?
LED plant lights light up LED technology in recent years with the rise of the development of a new technology ,Best led grow lights lot of research and application of cultivation environment show that it can solve other artificial sources of light in the presence of the spectral composition impure substance , the light intensity is inconsistent , the problem of low efficiency light source . With LED fill light technology that can significantly promote spinach, radishes and lettuce growth Pete Maravich Hawks Jersey , improve morphological indicators , the growth rate, photosynthetic rates have increased more than 20% . Enabling factors bioaccumulation beet sugar beet maximum , and produce the highest sugar and starch accumulation in the hair roots . Make pepper , basil leaves and stems form a significant change , the photosynthetic rate of plants has improved significantly. Use on flowers, can increase the number of flower buds and flowering , can improve the quality of flowers and prolong flowering . Increase the number of pores can cause marigold and sage two plants , photosynthesis and stomatal increase means improved. led lights fill light plant tissue culture technology will be urban agricultural facilities and IT Agriculture ( Agricultural Science and Technology ) in the direction of development. Has become popular in flower and vegetable cultivation in Japan and Taiwan .

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