WPC anti-static floor is good

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WPC anti-static floor is good

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WPC anti-static floor is good
On the floor, many people know that there are tiled floors, wooden floors, but when it comes to wood-plastic anti-static flooring, there are many people do not quite understand what kind of floor this is. composite wood vs pressure treated woodIt is also normal for everyone not to understand this kind of floor, because it is basically inside a variety of computer
rooms, not the most common type of floor in our lives. What characteristics does this floor have?
From the name of the floor, we can understand that this type of floor, the most important feature is the ability to anti-static, the floor he has a more durable and stable system resistance. According to the information on the network, its system resistance is maintained at 10 to the 10th power of 10 Ω. For the engine room, wood plastic composite decking market sizeit can prevent the generation of static electricity and will not affect the normal operation of various types of equipment in the engine room.
No radioactive element
This type of tile, he has been tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center, although there are some resistance, but he does not have a radiation hazard to the human body. Moreover,wall panel modern design the tiles made by regular big brands are not only safe and reliable, but also can completely replace natural stone and have the appearance of natural stone.
Strong anti-aging
The hardness of wood-plastic flooring is very high, so when used for a long time in the engine room, it is not easily worn out and aged. Has a strong anti-aging ability,outdoor floor decking in australia so it is most often used in many high-end computer rooms.

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