lumber industry can process

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lumber industry can process

Mensagempor xiao12345 » 24 Abr 2018, 05:37

because machine equipment to lag behind, lumber industry can process raw product only. The problem that at present Russia enterprise solves urgently is newer production facilities,outdoor leakproof deck businessman of a lot of Russia has establish the desire of small company, the manufacturing data such as equipment, component has broad market in Russia. As a result of price advantage, the very much medium, small-sized equipment that Chinese

enterprise produces fits the requirement of Russia market very much, the measure after wanting carry out only is capable, the service is considerate, the woodworker of a few medium, cheap plastic floors in malaysia small business is tremendous to Russian export latent capacity. Does Russian commerce maintain driving growth: in? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Russian commerce maintains driving growth in Issue date:

2002-10-8 origin: Since this year, china and Russia continue to maintain driving growth on the foundation that bilateral trade broke through 10 billion dollar first last year,instant outdoor flooring according to current impetus hopeful reachs 12 billion dollar this year. According to statistic of customs total office, 1 arrives this year in August, bilateral trading business volume achieves Russia in 76. 400 million dollar, than last year the

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