helpful for the expropriation

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helpful for the expropriation

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current business to be helpful for the expropriation of national revenue and silvan plant diseases and insect pests How choose and buy and use big core board: easy pallet fence ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? How choose and buy and use big core board Issue date: 2002-7-15 origin: Condition of core of room of association of Chinese interior decoration monitors central expert to think, consumer is buying

the attention answers when core board greatly: Look to whether be the product that produces manufacturer normally. The location of the trade mark that should examine its how to attach decking to a roof terrace manufacturer, crude place of production, mark that prevent bogus; 2 see a product detect the formaldehyde in the report releases a quantity. The product that general and normal manufacturer produces has detect report, of formaldehyde detect numerical

value should be lower better; 3 look greatly the exterior quality of core board. See big core board the surface whether level off, have without warp, be out of shape, houses with balconies and patio have without bubbly, cave; Core arrange orderly, aperture Yue Xiaoyue is good, core have without decayed, rupture, scar of wormhole, section. 4 look to whether have taste. If greatly core board sends out the lumber taste that gives faint scent,

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