few more incidental problem

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few more incidental problem

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method. Detect with different method to shun different product a few more incidental problem, unified to man-made plank used " law of 1 stere air chamber " best all around composite decking (the climate box standard that stipulates the arbitration is used in GB namely) detect. Than the data that bore law, desiccator law checks, won't appear the sampling that bore position brings is representative the controversy of the

problem. Finally, Install Deck Plywood Tongue And Groove authoritative attestation orgnaization. Products of all attestation man-made plank are built by national person board detect the center undertakes examining, examine not only the environmental index of the product, the quality of the product also examines in the meantime. According to Chinese environment science Professor Xia Qing of the academy says, outdoor water proof and durable garden wpc when consumer is

buying man-made board, the simplest method chooses to contain namely " 10 annulus " the product of Chinese environment mark of the mark, only at present 50 man-made board produce an enterprise to gain this mark, can saying these enterprises are on quality and environmental behavior is the person above how to make vinyl fence taller average in the industry, consumer can be at ease buy. (southern net) Does China increase

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