m sure the linebackers

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m sure the linebackers

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the Undertaker and Heyman have a bit of history Cheap Breeland Speaks Jersey , it would be interesting to see that dynamic, but I’m sure both icons can set their differences aside for the common goal of a championship.

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DE: Roman Reigns
Arguably the least popular superstar in the WWE today, the animosity directed towards Roman Reigns has more to do with his poorly-constructed, entirely predictable, never-ending push at the behest of Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr.

Reigns is a former defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings, so he’d bring scheme versatility at the defensive end position, capable of playing in a 4-3 or 3-4. A gifted pass rusher, Reigns is one of the quickest and most agile defensive linemen around, and he can certainly deliver a powerful tackle, spearing quarterbacks into forced fumbles that turn into touchdowns.

Watching Reigns beat tackles, guards, and double-teams from tight ends and running backs would be a joy. As a defensive end, Reigns wouldn’t have to be burdened with being the face of the brand Colts Tyquan Lewis Jersey , and he’d be more like the quiet, dominant, and likable “Shield” version of himself. He’d be busy bringing the pain, tackling quarterbacks and running backs into the oblivion, as opposed to spouting off lines from Looney Tunes at press conferences. I mean, Heyman would have the decency to avoid instructing Reigns to make a fool out of himself.

Heck, Reigns could finally be able to embrace the villain inside of him, arrogantly strutting around the field, trash-talking below-average tackles, and injuring fragile quarterbacks.

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DT: Brock Lesnar
The Beast Incarnate tried to crack it in the NFL as a defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings. He failed that time, but a renewed focus on the craft would allow him to forge a legendary career similar to Kevin Williams‘. With his insane quickness on the inside, Lesnar would become a pressure-piling defensive tackle that would make the likes of Aaron Donald, Gerald McCoy Cheap Trey Flowers Jersey , and Geno Atkins envious.

Lesnar’s strength is held in high regard. I mean, he didn’t break the Undertaker’s streak for nothing. The man’s F-5s are a thing to behold, and Big Show and Mark Henry can certainly attest for his inhuman power.

Beyond that, Lesnar has technical prowess. He’s a former UFC and NCAA Division-I champ, and it’s hard not to forget the classic matches he put on with Kurt Angle, who was an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling. Lesnar’s refined hand usage, arsenal of moves, and ridiculous first-step would decimate offenses, turning offensive lines into a state of chaos.

Although Lesnar’s motor could be called into question, the only real problem is his tendency to pick up suspensions for PED usage. If Heyman isn’t able to help him do a better job of gaming the system and avoiding positive tests, then his career could go the route of Josh Gordon‘s. It’s more likely, however, he ends up being an immortal workhorse like James Harrison (not that he’s on gear) Bears Roquan Smith Jersey , as Heyman would keep Lesnar’s eye on the prize.

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DT: Mark Henry
What football team made up of wrestlers would be complete without the talents of Mark Henry? The man truly was the world’s strongest man at one point, but a fact that might be even more remarkable than his raw squat and deadlift totals is that he weighed 225 pounds in the fourth grade.

Henry’s “Hall of Pain” run was wonderful, but he deserved better from the WWE. The man never won the WWE Championship, even though he cut one of the best promos of all-time, faking his retirement before hitting the World’s Strongest Slam on John Cena.

I’m guessing Cena and Henry have moved past all of that, especially now that Henry is a face nearing the end of his time in the company. Either way, they won’t have to work together, seeing how Henry will be busy plugging up running lanes on the defensive side of the ball.

At worst, Henry would be this team’s Alan Branch, which is still an honorable title. Branch is one of the most underrated players in the NFL, anchoring the New England Patriots excellent run defense. Henry would be the perfect anchor next to Lesnar, and no offensive line would be able to contend with the strength of that duo. I’m sure the linebackers will be showering both players with suits and watches by season’s end.

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DE: Samoa Joe
One of the best wrestlers in the business, Samoa Joe is an entertaining brawler who has taken the NXT by a storm. He’s been around for a while Cheap Adrian Clayborn Jersey , and it’s time he gets that big run on the WWE main roster. Joe’s promo work his excellent, but he’s even better in the ring with his blend of speed and power.

That combination would serve him well in the NFL ,and he and Roman Reigns would form a fearsome tandem of pass rushers in this 4-3 with Lesnar and Henry sandwiched in between them. Samoa Joe’s Musclebuster is a prime example of his power, and it’s what has made him such a legend, no matter which promotion he’s on.

Samoa Joe is a versatile team player, and his uncanny athleticism for his size makes him an especially dangerous pass rusher. Watching him and Lesnar go to work on offensive linemen would be a treat, and Joe is the type of player who commands respect from rival peers.

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OLB: Triple H
“The Game” has his fair share of critics, but the man who helped introduce plenty of fans to Motörhead has an even bigger following. Triple H always does what’s “best for business,” and he would match Cena as the quarterback of the defense. Trips’ work et.

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